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Bad RPers Suck!

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Created on 2017-06-07 08:24:11 (#3211917), last updated 2017-06-07 (14 weeks ago)

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Name:Bad Roleplayers Suck!
Website:RPG Etiquette Group
Posting Access:All Members
This is the non-adult forum. Adult/mature posts belong on brps_adult. Please read the userinfo for the rules of brps_adult and join that community here. The same rules that govern bad_rpers_suck also govern brps_adult.

Unsure of what roleplaying is? Then go here: What is roleplaying?

If you are looking for criticism of one of your own character bios, please see this post to find out where to go. bad_rpers_suck is for making fun of bad bios you or someone else wrote, not for helping you learn to write a good one. This is not the snugglenets; it is a snark community.

That being said, just because this is a snark community, you do not have carte blanche to be a privileged asshole. If you're unfamiliar with privilege / racism / misogyny, please check out or educate yourself. BRPS is not your fucking therapist; we are also not here to educate you on what these terms mean. Do it yourself. Racism, sexism and altogether acting like a privileged asshole will get you banned without question.

Protip: If you have to start a comment or a post with "I'm not a racist, but . . . " or "I don't hate women, but . . . " or "I'm not _____, but . . . " you should probably just save yourself the time and keep your comment to yourself.

For game advertisements, icons, signatures, tag suggestions, and so on, please see this post.

Do you want to learn how to become a better roleplayer? A better moderator or storyteller? Are you sick of gaming with godmoders and Mary Sues? This is the Bad RPers Live Journal. You can come here to complain about bad roleplaying experiences (Mary Sues/Marty Stus, bad GMs, bad writing, annoying players, etc). This is the sister list to the RPG Etiquette list. We are also affiliated with rp_discuss, a journal where you can get RP advice on just about anything such as plots, character creation, and more.

This LJ community is NOT an RPG. It's a place where you can come to learn how to improve your RP experience, improve your moderator/story teller abilities, and vent about how you've handled bad roleplaying experiences. Also, this LJ is NOT a game-advertisement and/or plugging community, though I don't mind if you mention a game by proxy in a post. Just don't spam the group.

If there is a post you find questionable, think it might be spam, find it offensive, or refers to people personally, please email me the post and or links to the comments in question at either my LJ account (koshkabegemot at livejournal dot com), or ragabashtule at yahoo dot com so that I can take action against it.

By the way, if you're a twink or a godmoder, and you've found this journal by accident, and have noticed that people have posted your stuff on here -- you can piss and moan all you want. You've been posted here for good reason: because you're a bad roleplayer who needs to frelling learn to write better characters, or stop being a twink. So don't come whining to me about how people are being mean to you, because I'm liable to just tell you off as well. So, twinks and godmoders, piss and moan all you want; NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK. If you'd like to return to the snugglenets where everything is sunshine and rainbows, please click here.

Main rules:


1) Racial, religious, sexual orientation, gender-based and/or any other type of slurs or innuendos will not be tolerated here. These also include ableism, misogyny, and so forth. As with most of the other rules here, these are bannable offences.

2) If you don't want someone running across something you're posting like a character bio, friends-protect the entry.

3) No direct-linking to people's personal LJs. I don't need people from this community intentionally trolling other people's personal journals or communities because, "They were showcased on bad_rpers_suck! OMG let's go make fun of them!" Warnings and bannings will be issued based on the gravity of the offence.

4) If a flame war ever erupts on here (hey, it happens on every comm. at least once! LOL) if I get a complaint about someone who's posted something, I will read over what's been said, and then will decide if it's a banning offense or not.

5) About plugging games. This isn't a place for advertising your RP communities. Unless it's in the context of a post, don't plug your game. You can add your game by going to the link mentioned above (this one, in case you missed it). This is a place to discuss RPing, not advertise. If you'd like to plug your game, there are places you can do it on Yahoo!groups:

Essential RPG Survival Kit
Freeform GMs -- a discussion place for freeform GMs.
Original RPG Ads
RPG Announcement
RPG Archive
RPG Player Sanctuary
RPG Plug
RPG Sci-Fi Fantasy Casting

rp_discuss (this is more for general RP inquiries rather than rants) name a few. If you want to name your game in the context of a post, that's fine. Just don't inundate the journal with "PLZ j0in mah kummunity kthxby!@!1"Not following this rule and spamming my community will also get you banned because apparently you can't read rules.

6) Posting a moderator's or another player's personal contact info on here in order to "blacklist" them is a big no-no. It's an invasion of privacy. Doing so will result in automatic banning. Period. End of. This includes posting their name, any type of direct linking (including mentioning them by their LJ name, or the precise names of their characters), and the posting of IP addresses.

Also falling under this rule -- linking to someone's personal journal, webpage, game site, and so on is not allowed. Nor is posting a member's full name, address, or other such personal information. These violations will result in automatic bannings, no question, and no warning. I take this rule very seriously. Please don't make me use it.

Exceptions will be made if you have gotten the prior expressed permission of said parties to post their information. Please have them email me proof of their permission before you post.

7) As if it hasn't been iterated enough, if you whine about how your character isn't a Mary Sue, isn't a godmoder, etc., etc., because it's been showcased here, go call whine-one-one and take a trip on the waaaaahmbulance. No one cares what you think. This community is a good community for criticism, both constructive and offensive. If you can't laugh at yourself for writing a bad character, that's your problem. Lern 2 rite moar gud.

8) If you disable comments on a posting, you will be banned because disabling comments ticks me off. What's the point of posting on a rant community if people aren't allowed to commiserate with you? If you're *gasp!* afraid that people will dare to! disagree with you, then this is NOT the community for you. THIS JOURNAL IS NOT A SAFE SPACE. Odds are at some point, you WILL be insulted and have your delicate sensibilities chewed up and spit out. Hell, it's happened to me, and I own the place!

Not everyone is going to agree with everything you rant about and may even accuse you of trolling! If you are a member who sees someone post something with comments disabled and I don't catch it first, please email me with a link to said post at ragabashtule at yahoo dot com or koshkabegemot at livejournal dot com.

9) Deleting comments, freezing replies, or deleting posts will also get you banned. If you screw up on a comment, do not delete it. Either edit it, or post another comment underneath it. No exceptions. Don't screen comments. Don't freeze comments. Only I can freeze comments if I feel like a thread has the potential to get out of hand. Yes, this is a snark community, but seriously? Use your common sense and don't be a jerk. Trolling someone's personal journal just because they disagree with you or you disagree with them is also classified as stupid. In addition, deliberately baiting someone in a post also falls under trolling, and is a bannable offence.

DO NOT TROLL PERSONAL JOURNALS. I realise that trolling people's personal journals can be quite hilarious, but I'm sure in some skewed way it constitutes lolinternet harassment and I really don't feel like running the risk of getting this community shut down. Keep it restricted here, please.

Regarding the deletion of posts and/or replies, sometimes it's hard for me to tell if a post has been deleted, or that replies have been deleted. Screencaps are required so that I may verify that the post has, indeed, been deleted.

To clarify, if you:

- Delete your post for whatever reason
- Delete comments for whatever reason
- Freeze comments
- Screen comments
- Mark your entries so that people can't comment on them
- Flounce
- Deliberately bait someone in a post
- Troll someone's personal journal

I will ban you. Do not taunt happy fun koshkabegemot.

10) THIS JOURNAL IS **NOT** A SAFE SPACE. If you're looking for people to pat you on the back and agree with you in every post you make, and you're going to get your feelings hurt when they disagree with you, then this probably isn't the best place for you. People WILL disagree with you. Unless they're being overly-trollish, don't waste your time reporting it to me. You need to have flame-impervious skin here, and it's not my fault if you don't. Just because it's a safe-space, however, doesn't mean you get free reign to do anything mentioned in Rule #1. Guess what? If you thinkknow something you're about to post is going to offend the fuck out of someone, here's a hint: SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

Should you find anyone in violation of the rules or if you think a particular rule needs to be added, please email me your suggestions and/or links to the posts in question at ragabashtule at yahoo dot com, koshkabegemot at livejournal dot com, or post them on my journal.

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7th sea, after the bomb, amber, angst, anime, apps from hell, assorted limbs of vecna, bad fanfic, bad gms, bad roleplayers, bad writers, battletech, besm, beyond the supernatural, bunnies and burrows angst, butthurt, buttsex, call of cthulhu, cat macros, cerulean orbs, champions, changeling, chaos earth, chaosium, character profiles, city of heroes, city of villains, d&d, deadlands, dice, dm, dnd, doctor who, draco malfoy in leather, drama llamas, drizzt do'urden clones, dungeon master, dungeons & dragons, dungeons and dragons, e-wrestling, epic fail, erick wujick, fandom wank, fantasy, final fantasy, forum rpgs, free-form rpgs, furcadia, gaia, gaia online, game master, gaming, gaming chat, gary stus, gazebos, gm, godmoding, good moderators, gurps, harry potter, hero system, heroes unlimited, hol, horror, ic =! ooc, ic =/= ooc, idiocy, kingdom hearts, l5r, larp, legend of the five rings, lineage 2, mage, marty stu, mary sues, mechanoids, mechwarrior, megaverse, mmorpg, mpreg, mrs. sephiroth, mu*, muck, mudd, multiverse, munchkins, mush, mutants and masterminds, neopets, nightbane, nightspawn, ninjas and superspies, online games, palladium books, palladium fantasy, paper and pencil, pbem, pern, phase world, play by email, play by post, pretendy funtime games, purple prose, ragnarok online, rants, rants and venting, rifts, robotech, role play, roleplay, roleplaying, rpg, rules lawyers, rulesets, savage worlds, science fiction, self-insertion, self-inserts, shadowrun, snark, splicers, star wars, story telling, superman, table top, teal deer, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the rifter, tragic canoeing accidents, twinking, twinks, unisystem, unknown armies, vampire, venting, wahmbulance, wangst, wank, werewolf, white wolf, world of darkness, world of warcraft, wow, wraith, x-men, yahoogroups, zombieninjapirates
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